As I mentioned before, I have been fascinated and horrified by this remarkable book by Melanie Phillips – it says, far more coherently and comprehensively than I am able to, everything I have been thinking and feeling about the state of affairs in Britain and the world for the last few years. I strongly recommend it to all who really care about western democracy and its preservation. She has done a great service by writing this book – I only hope enough people read and are influenced by it to change what we are doing to ourselves before it’s too late. As usual I don;t feel too optimistic about this.

Here are one or two quotes, to give an idea of what the book’s all about:

The intersection of an aggressive religious fanaticism with the multicultural ideology of victimhood has created a state of paralysis across British institutions’.

‘There is a distinction to be drawn between Muslims and Islamists. Islamism is the politicised interpretation of the religion that aims to Islamise societies. …But it is`the dominant strain throughout the Muslim world, and so far there has been no serious challenge to it – not least because those who do speak out against it run the risk of being killed.’

‘Aisha Siddiqa Qureshi wrote in Muslim World Today that “radical Islam threatens to subjugate the world and murder, enslave or convert all non-Muslims”.’

She advocates robust action, including:

..’the remoralisation and reculturation of Britain by restating the primacy of British culture and citizenship. ..(and) recognise that British nationhood has been eviscerated by the combination of three things: mass immigration, multiculturalism and the onslaught mounted by secular nihilists against the country’s Judeo-Christian values. It would institute tough controls on immigration while Britain assimilate the people it has already got….While it (Britain) is being undermined from within, it is not able adequately to defend itself against the threat from without’….Unfortunately there is very little chance of any of this happening. Britain is currently locked into such a spiral of decadence, self-loathing and sentimentalitythat it is incapable of seeing that it is setting itself up for cultural immolation’. It was Britain that first developed the Western ideas of the rule of law, democracy and liberal ideals, and exported them to other countries. Now Britain is leading the rout of those values, allowing its culture to become vulnerable to the predations of militant Islam.’

 Like Phillips, I am rather pessimistic, as the British establishment is terminally undermined. But my theory is that there will inevitable be futher, and much worse, terrorist attacks in the UK that will eventually force a change of approach. It’s terrible to say it, but it will require more violence, mayhem and indiscriminate murder and maiming before we begin to face the fact that we are involved in a war against a fanatical religious ideology that seeks to destroy us and will stop at nothing to do so.


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