Falklands anniversary

June 15, 2007

It is the anniversary of our remarkable victory over the Argentine invaders and occupiers of the Falklands – the last time that Britain stood up for something important and earned some respect in the world. The occasion has been marked with some quite dignified ceremonies, both here and in the Falkland Islands, and a number of TV documentaries, etc. One of the BBC’s main contributions was a ‘drama-documentary’ entitled Sea of Fire. I didn’t see this, but there is a brilliant article by James Delingpole (fast becoming one of my favourite right-wing commentators) on the Spectator website which pretty much sums up the fucked-up nature of our hopeless liberal-left media in the UK today. http://www.spectator.co.uk/archive/arts/31298/history-distorted.thtml

Interesting, eh? What I like about Delingpole is he has the knack of being keenly amusing while addressing very serious points. We need more of this sort of thing.