The Triumph of the Political Class

October 17, 2007

This is the title of a most interesting book I have recently come across, by Peter Oborne. Basically it describes the process whereby over the last 20 years or so the political, civil and judicial institutions of Britain, and in fact its whole constitution and parliamentary democracy, have ben systematically undermined by the creation of a new, professional political class who view politics as a profession which is an end in itself, rather than dedicated to the public service, and operate across party lines purely in the interests of their own power, prestige and material benefit, with complete contempt for the electorate and the democratic process. To quote ‘The crisis facing British democracy cannot be understood, let alone addressed, without a full understanding that the party system has collapsed, and been replaced by a provisional ruling elite which has become estranged from civil society’. I think many have felt something along these lines for years, specially under New Labour rule, but this book is so valuable because it gives endless, well-supported, evidence of the outrageous abuses that have become routine in British political life today, and the total complicity of all three major parties in the process. This book together with Hitchens’ The Abolition of Britain and Dalrymple’s Our Culture – What’s Left of It have been the most important factors in my recent realisation that I have completely lost faith in British democracy, and my logical conclusion that the only way that democracy, together with the sovereignty of the UK parliament, can be restored is through direct action.

I strongly recommend these books to anyone who cares about Britain and its constitution, in the hope that they may help to create a readiness in more people – specially, perhaps, people in a position to influence events, which I of course am not -for the drastic action that is going to be necessary to save this country.


£21 million for interpreters?

September 29, 2006

Apparently the UK police bill for providing interpreters for foreign criminals has now reached £21 million per year. This is incredible. One might ask why we are allowing large numbers of people to enter this country to commit crimes here; indeed – why we are allowing 100’s of 1000’s of people to enter this country every year in a completely uncontrolled way at all? If we had a proper immigration policy and only allowed a reasonable number in (and specifically excluded any with criminal backgrounds), that 21 million could presumably be spent in arranging for new entrants to take obligatory English lessons. But no – of course – this is Britain, so we must allow ourselves to be trampled all over by anyone who wants to take advantage of our good nature and screwed for everything every foreign criminal can get – and god forbid that anyone should be so ‘racist’ as to object to this farce! Oh, and of course don’t forget providing legal aid so that liberal-left lawyers from Cherie bloody Blair downwards can arrange for these scum to claim political asylum after their criminal cases have been heard (plus more interpreters, of course!)

Have we gone completely insane as a nation or what? Sadly – I think the answer is, yes.

New Tories are a fuzzy green blur

September 20, 2006

The hilarious and pathetic new Conservative ‘logo’ just about sums up the new Cameron Tories – a sort of vague, fuzzy green blur with no discernible connection to the principles or traditions of British conservatism. We can now look forward to a choice in the next election between New Labour and its mirror image, all powered by snazzy marketing drivel and without any substance whatsover – how marvellous. I suggest anyone who wants anything resembling conservative policies joins UKIP immediately, as the Tories are now a lost cause. Our only hope is to get back control of this country and have a neo-conservative revolution, or we are finished.

I was entertained by Sir Bernard Ingham’s comments on the new logo:

“I just think they’ve gone barmy – they are worse than Blair, if that’s possible. This bears no relation to the Tories at all, and they have gone completely mad.”

Amnesty International talk sense for once

September 20, 2006

Amazingly, Amnesty International – that once-admirable organisation that has in recent years been taken over by liberal-left loonies who spend most of their time attacking the USA and Britain while ignoring appalling abuses in the developing world, have suddenly emitted a burst of remarkable common sense. They have accused Hezbollah, quite rightly, of war crimes for deliberately targeting Israeli citizens with 1000’s of rockets. This is what I said at the time, but it’s interesting to hear it echoed by such a ‘right-on’ organisation. Is it possible that some of the liberal-left are beginning to perceive that the ‘oppressed’ peoples of the Middle East and elsewhere are not in fact all angels, and are capable of being in the wrong? Don’t hold your breath.

£900 p.a. down the drain?

September 2, 2006

According to a report by the Bruges Group, Britain’s continued membership of the E.U. costs all of us £900 pounds a year. So I am being forced to pay that sum to be in an organisation I strongly object to, was never asked if I wanted to join, and consider to be directly inimical to the sovereignty and democracy of our own elected Parliament. And there’s no-one to hold to account over this outrage. Strange world we’re living in these days. When will people come to their senses and realise we have to get out of the Euro-nightmare?

Why we should support Israel

August 4, 2006

I am amazed and puzzled by the hostility of so much public opinion in Britain and elsewhere towards Israel in the current conflict against Hezbollah in Lebanon. It simply doesn’t make any sense. No-one likes the idea of war, and of innocent people dying, but you have to look at the situation as it is, not in some sort of abstract ideal world where peace and love prevail. Israel has been under attack for over 50 years from its Muslim neighbours and terrorist groups; they have entered into many peace negotiations and offered to accept a Palestinian state alongside Israel itself. The result? Relentless hostility, suicide bombings, random missile attacks against civilians, and the repeated intention (renewed again yesterday by Iran) to ‘eliminate Israel’. What do you expect the Israelis to do? They are fighting for their very survival. When they negotiate with the enemy, agreements are ignored and betrayed; so they have to defend themselves militarily, which is what they are doing at the moment. They are dealing with an enemy, Hezbollah, who are completely unscrupulous and ruthless, and they have to be ruthless too. Hezbollah have fired hundreds of missiles completely indiscriminately into Israel; they deliberately base themselves amongst Lebanese civilians, knowing that if the Israelis attack them many civilians will die – but they don’t care about that – their cynicism is beyond belief – it just makes excellent anti-Israeli publicity. The Israelis are no angels, but what else can they do but try to eliminate Hezbollah? If they call off their attacks, of course Hezbollah will claim ‘victory’; if they go on, they are pilloried in the world press for ‘massacring civilians’. The only reason far fewer Israelis have died than Lebanese is that the Israelis actually value the lives of their citizens and protect them – Hezbollah actually want Lebanese to die, for publicity purposes. The Israelis have repeated warned civilians to evacuate the areas they are about to attack, but they mostly do not, presumably under the advice of Hezbollah.

We in Britain, and people in the West in general, should be supporting Israel in this fight. They are the only real democracy in the Middle East, and they are our allies, on the front line of the war with Arab and Islamic extremism. We need to start realising who our real enemies are – the brutal warriors of ‘jihad’ in the Muslim world who have ‘declared war’ on democracy and everything it stands for; firstly they plan to ‘eliminate’ Israel, then their declared aim is to impose Islam by force on us and the rest of the world.There is no ‘peaceful solution’ to the situation in the Middle East that will ever be accepted by the Arab and Muslim world. We need to stop all this self-indulgent sentimentality and understand that sometimes, if war is thrust upon us, then war has to be waged ruthlessly, if we want to win. We did it once against the horror of Nazism – if public opinion had been the same then as it is now, the swastika would be flying over Downing Street today. Now we need to re-discover the same resolve against the new, religious, fascism which is threatening the world today.


July 6, 2006

As I mentioned before, I have been fascinated and horrified by this remarkable book by Melanie Phillips – it says, far more coherently and comprehensively than I am able to, everything I have been thinking and feeling about the state of affairs in Britain and the world for the last few years. I strongly recommend it to all who really care about western democracy and its preservation. She has done a great service by writing this book – I only hope enough people read and are influenced by it to change what we are doing to ourselves before it’s too late. As usual I don;t feel too optimistic about this.

Here are one or two quotes, to give an idea of what the book’s all about:

The intersection of an aggressive religious fanaticism with the multicultural ideology of victimhood has created a state of paralysis across British institutions’.

‘There is a distinction to be drawn between Muslims and Islamists. Islamism is the politicised interpretation of the religion that aims to Islamise societies. …But it is`the dominant strain throughout the Muslim world, and so far there has been no serious challenge to it – not least because those who do speak out against it run the risk of being killed.’

‘Aisha Siddiqa Qureshi wrote in Muslim World Today that “radical Islam threatens to subjugate the world and murder, enslave or convert all non-Muslims”.’

She advocates robust action, including:

..’the remoralisation and reculturation of Britain by restating the primacy of British culture and citizenship. ..(and) recognise that British nationhood has been eviscerated by the combination of three things: mass immigration, multiculturalism and the onslaught mounted by secular nihilists against the country’s Judeo-Christian values. It would institute tough controls on immigration while Britain assimilate the people it has already got….While it (Britain) is being undermined from within, it is not able adequately to defend itself against the threat from without’….Unfortunately there is very little chance of any of this happening. Britain is currently locked into such a spiral of decadence, self-loathing and sentimentalitythat it is incapable of seeing that it is setting itself up for cultural immolation’. It was Britain that first developed the Western ideas of the rule of law, democracy and liberal ideals, and exported them to other countries. Now Britain is leading the rout of those values, allowing its culture to become vulnerable to the predations of militant Islam.’

 Like Phillips, I am rather pessimistic, as the British establishment is terminally undermined. But my theory is that there will inevitable be futher, and much worse, terrorist attacks in the UK that will eventually force a change of approach. It’s terrible to say it, but it will require more violence, mayhem and indiscriminate murder and maiming before we begin to face the fact that we are involved in a war against a fanatical religious ideology that seeks to destroy us and will stop at nothing to do so.