Saddam is no more

December 30, 2006

Saddam is no more. What a blessed thought. The world has to be a more fragrant place without the stench of his presence. And yet looking at the BBC message boards and elsewhere fills me with despair, given the reactions of so many. There are basically three sorts: (i) those who are glad (a minority, apparently) (ii) Muslims who are enraged because they admired his ‘strength’ more than they hated his evil deeds (iii) Westerners who have been so brainwashed by liberal-left ideology that they think all killing is always ‘wrong’ and that the effort to remove Saddam and give Iraqis a chance of freedom and democracy was a worse ‘crime’ than anything Saddam ever did. I find it all beyond belief. I do not delight in anyone’s execution, but if anyone deserved it, it was Saddam. How can Muslims be so completely blind and full of hate for the West as to support a monster like him? As for the pathetic, supine, gutless attitude of so many in the West – I am not even prepared to argue with them; it is the clearest evidence possible that our civilisation and culture has lost all sense of direction and values. The West will fall, and we can all look forward to a new dark age under Islamic theocracy or the ‘enlightened’ rule of the Chinese. Congratulations to the quislings of the Left – decades of undermining and destroying the fundamental values and beliefs of western democracy will soon bear fruit! And it’s a only a slight consolation to think that many of the liberal-lefties will be first in the queue for the death camps in the brave new world they will have helped to bring about. 


Islam and the future

December 6, 2006

I’ve been reading (amongst other things the collected writings of Osama bin Laden) and thinking even more about the current crisis with Islam, and the problem with Muslims in the West, and I’ve come to the rather bleak conclusion that traditional Islam is indeed incompatible with western liberal democracy, and thus in its current militant phase is a serious threat to us and our way of life. This may seem obvious, but there an awful lots of people still in the UK and elsewhere who insist that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ and that it’s just a handful of extremists who are causing problems, and fall over themselves to appease the Muslims and undermine our traditions and cultural identity. I think this is all nonsense. Until Islam has some sort of reformation – and that’s going to be an awful long time coming – there is no way that it can co-exist peacefully with what it sees as a corrupt, decadent ‘infidel’ world; and it is in fact written into Islam that Muslims have a duty to strive to bring whole the world to ‘submit’ one way or another, to the rule of Islam. There is no possibility of anything than temporary and probably insincere compromise with this uncompromising religion and culture which opposes and despises so many crucial aspects of our civilisation. Therefore I believe we have to do two things: one is effectively to ‘quarantine’ the Muslim world – we should withdraw from any involvement whatsoever (including military) in Muslim countries and leave them to conduct their affairs in their own way, however medieval and barbaric. But we should retain the unilateral right to intervene if these countries or groups they sponsor interfere with or threaten us or our allies – including severe military strikes if required – and then withdraw and leave them to it. Effectively this would be an armed truce – if anything is going to change for the better in the benighted Muslim lands it will have to come from the people themselves – those of them who have the courage, and there are some; I wish them the greatest luck. The second thing we have to do is to find a solution to the enormous problem we have allowed to grow, of large numbers of Muslims now living in western countries – up to 40 million in western Europe, apparently. I am not against individual Muslims as such, but unfortunately in the current situation, and given the nature of Islam as an aggressive, proselytising ideology which refuses to integrate with host societies, all Muslims must now be regarded as potential ‘enemies within’. We need to reject totally the mistaken doctrine of ‘multiculturalism’ and move towards a programme of intensive integration; no more Muslim schools should be allowed and those that exist already should be put under strict surveillance; no foreign imams should be allowed and those mosques which are used to teach extremist versions of Islam should be closed; extreme versions of ‘Islamic’ dress such as masks (‘veils’) and head-to-foot black for women should be banned in public places and institutions of all kinds; ‘halal’ butchery should be outlawed; blatant propaganda advocating the overthrow of democracy and the institution of an Islamic state and ‘shariah’ law should lead to criminal prosecution, etc. etc. In other words, life should be made so uncomfortable in the UK for those Muslims who refuse to integrate with British values and modern concepts of behaviour that they will be forced eventually to leave for Islamic countries, where they will presumably feel much more at home anyway. And above all we should do everything possible to prevent any further influx of large numbers of Muslims to this country, as currently happens through the marriage practices particularly of Muslims of Pakistani origin with very large extended families. Some of this may seem harsh, but I honestly believe it is the only hope of avoiding a massive social cataclysm and actual, bloody civil war in Britain. I intend to write a series of essays on this subject, which I believe to be perhaps the most important of our time, under the title (borrowed from Irshad Manji) of The Problem with Islam, which I will publish on this blog, to explain in detail the thinking behind my position.