A brilliant new book

June 23, 2006

I want to recommend about an excellent new book by British journalist Melanie Phillips, called Londonistan. It is a very clear and cogent expose of the appalling negligence and self-destructiveness of the British political establishment in allowing and positively encouraging the growth of Islamist extremism and terrorism in the UK over the last decades, and the terrible consequences for us and the rest of the world. More later


The acceptable face of racism?

June 23, 2006

I noticed an article in the Times today mentioning that a number of people had been assaulted in Scotland for nothing more than wearing an England football shirt or flying a St. George's flag from their car. One victim was a seven year-old boy who was punched in the head by a thug in a park. This is really shameful stuff, but not in any way surprising, to me – given decades of vicious racist propaganda from the SNP, the media and latterly the Scottish Parliament, supported of course by the 'pc' notions of liberal-left academic and 'intelligentsia; circles whereby anti-English racism is the one acceptable form, and petty, tribal nationalisms to be applauded as the expression of 'oppressed' minorities, whereas broader patriotism, whether for England or Great Britain, is to be suppressed, this sort of obnoxious thuggery is only to be expected. I still have a certain fondness for Scotland and the Scots, but this sort of thing merely confirms to me that it wasn't a good idea to move to Edinburgh. Yet another example of the red herring of so-called 'multiculturalism' coming home to roost, if I may mix my zoological metaphors. If you encourage separatism and vicitm mentality you merely breed hatred and violence. Just rubbish like the rabid racist fantasy of a film like Braveheart (which apparently seems to constitute the main education of most Scots on the subject of the English), and the results are vile in the extreme, as we can now see. Given the rising resentment of the English, it all spells doom for the United Kingdom, I fear, which is a very sad thing. How did we come to this?

Moaning Muslims?

June 19, 2006

I have been amazed and affronted by the reaction to the police raids on terrorist suspects in Forest Gate, in London. The police, acting on urgent and credible intelligence, raided a house where chemical weapons were suspected of being prepared – in the confusion one suspect was shot, though apparently not seriously injured. Immediately the entire Muslim 'community' is up in arms at the outrageous fact that the authorities dare to take action against suspected terrorists in this way – regardless of the fact that they themselves are as much in danger as anyone else. And the suspects were Muslims – what a surprise, considering that the overwhelming terrorist threat is from Islamic militants! And now the police have gone so far as to apologise for the 'disruption' caused by the operation. It's beyond belief. Apparently it's much more important not to 'offend' Muslims than to protect innocent people from potential mass slaughter and mutilation.It seems to me that people's thinking is completely confused on this matter – either we take action against suspected terrorists, or we don't; if we don't, and they are terrorists, then the consequences will be appalling – much worse than upsetting a few Muslims who enjoy wallowing in victim mentality. Even if these suspects do turn out to be innocent, it's surely better that a relatively harmless mistake be made, inconveniencing a handful of people temporarily (and no doubt they would get copious legal aid and compensation) than that genuine terrorists go free? There are some who have a sensible point of view on this – there was a letter from a Muslim gentleman in one of the papers saying that Muslims should stop complaning and give every support to the authorities in the fight against terrorism. This is exactly what I think – less complaining and perhaps more apologising for having nurtured extremism in their midst, would be in order. While the 'pc' politicians and politically-manipulated police pander to paranoia and hostility amongst Muslims the latter will only be encouraged to become more obstructive and self-pitying. We must stop cringing to and appeasing the Muslims. Despite denials by the 'liberal' media, we are in fact involved in a war –– and in wars you sometimes have to be ruthless if you don't want to be defeated. An upsetting fact for the pacifists and left-wing 'fellow travellers' of Islamist violence, but a fact, nonetheless. (Note: the suspects have now been released without charge. As far as I'm concerned this doesn't alter the pros and cons of the situation one iota. No doubt it isn't pleasant to be shot – but to be brutally honest, it sends a signal to the real terrorists that the police guns are not just for decoration. The shootee can certainly look forward to retirement on the ample compensation he will receive – possibly up to £250,000, I hear.)

Goodbye, Zarqawi!

June 9, 2006

What a pleasure to hear of the destruction of the unspeakable terrorist, torturer and psychopath Al-Zarqawi – renowned for the pleasure he took in hacking innocent peoples' heads off with blunt kitchen knives. The worlld already feels like a slightlly healthier place without his presence in it. Sadly the violence in Iraq and elsewhere won't stop, but at least one of these Islamist fanatics and murderers has got his just reward. Yet, amazingly, as usual, a cry of dismay, recrimination and attempted justification of this animal in human form has gone up from the 'liberal' media and the fellow-travelling leftists who find something to admire in benighted religious fanaticism as long as it's not directed at them personally. Will we never learn? Unfortunately, I think the answer for western societies is probably, "No"; we have been too corrupted as a culture by moral, cultural, political, legal, aesthetic and every other kind of relativism to recover easily. My belief is that we are going to have to be a lot more ruthless than this to defeat the greatest threat of out times; perhaps we will learn that as the terrorist attacks get worse and worse and more and more destructive and indiscriminate. Otherwise we might as well surrender right now to an ideology that hates western democracy and everything it stand for and wishes to replace it with benighted religious tyranny. Watch this space.