Yet more news from the EU Reich

March 14, 2008

Surely it us becoming more and more apparent to everyone that the EU is a deeply anti-democratic, totalitarian state in the making? If you have any doubts, look at this:

And the bit at the end about being prosecuted for criticising the EU is no joke. It’s only a matter of time at this rate before any criticism of or opposition to the EU will be an arrestable offence (that is if it isn’t already!)- and the new EU police set up under the Lisbon ‘constitution’ can act anywhere in the EU, regardless of local law, and with total immunity from prosecution for any actions they may decide to take. All you EUfanatics out there – are blind, deaf and dumb?!

More news from the EU Reich

February 21, 2008

I recommend all of you who think the EU is a jolly good thing and that we should all rejoice to be slaves citizens of this glorious new reich empire union to have a read of this interesting posting on the redoubtable and forcibly-expressed Devil’s Kitchen website:

Living with wild beasts

February 17, 2008

 I simply had to quote from Peter Hitchens’ most recent post on his Mail on Sunday blog where he talks about the ‘Mosquito’ device which repels young people under about 21 from shops and other properties which they are menacing, whilst not affecting older people. In a Britain where the police can’t be bothered to deal with crime and a large proportion of youth seem to have gone completely wild this device is the only effective protection many shop-keepers and others have from the hordes of thugs who threaten them and make their lives a misery. So naturally mentally ill people like the Chakrabati woman who heads what used to be called the Campaing for Civil Liberties, but is now known by the catch-all name ‘Liberty’, has denounced them as ‘against human rights’ and unacceptable. Hitchens puts it better than I can:

At last the adult world has an answer to the hoodie in the train carriage, or on the bus, playing loud rock garbage on his mobile phone, and to the strange flocks of feral youths milling about in the street, or doing the other things that ferals do.

Switch on the machine, known as the Mosquito, and in a few minutes the problem will have gone. And the ferals won’t even know why.

Actually, that’s the only drawback of the machine. I’d prefer it if it inflicted some sort of medium-term pain and inconvenience, as a payback for all the discomfort, fear and misery that such people cause. How soon can I get a hand-held version?

All the old rules for dealing with this kind of trouble are inoperative.

Dare to rebuke a feral and you are well on the way to featuring in a tear-stained news report, including weeping children, a haggard widow, futile, excuse-making Chief Constables – and ending in the words that so beautifully sum up modern Britain “and then I saw them kicking his head as if it were a football”. No thanks.

/Let’s accept that the police don’t need us and expect the same in return.

Let’s accept that large numbers of people under 21 are, in effect, unpredictable wild beasts who cannot safely be approached and don’t even understand what manners or consideration – or fathers – are.

Let’s accept that Labour and the Tories are never going to do anything about it and that the nice, gentle period of our history is over. And let’s settle for what we can get.’

Will this country ever come to its senses? Or will people like Peter Hitchens be for ever voices in the wilderness, saying what so many people actually think but are too frightened to say in public any more? I am not optimistic at the moment.

Britons shall be slaves

February 14, 2008

With the European Arrest Warrant, “a Justice Minister in any member state. . . can have a British citizen in the UK arrested and extradited to face trial for an offence that is not a crime in British law. . . .A British
judge has no right to intervene, and the arrest can be made by a Europol officer.”
Marcus Watney,
Bruges Group »

This interesting piece of information basically sums up the horror of the EU. Or the EUSSR, as I prefer to call it. It’s the sort of thing that was the norm in the former Soviet Union and Communist bloc, in Nazi Germany and of course in places like North Korea, Cuba, etc., today. The knock on the door at daen; the disappearance into prison camps. What is so very shocking is that the majority of people in Britain are either unaware of the way their liberties have been removed, or completely complacent about it. It seems almost incredible to someone of my generation – when I was growing up such a thing would have been the stuff of science fiction; now it is a reality, and few even seem to care. Some still even insist that the EUSSR is the greatest thing that could ever happen to us and that anyone who disagrees is a raving xenophobic lunatic. The whole great deception has been managed so cunningly, and the move towards dictatorship has been so gradualist that many still don’t realise it’s happened, and they don’t want to realise.

Now that the EU ConstitutionTreaty  has been signed on our behalf and we are no longer an independent country, there are only two alternatives: 1) to give up and accept our serfdom 2) to resist and fight against it with the eventual hope of taking back our independence and democratic rights by leaving the EU. The latter is the course I want to take, which is why I am a member of UKIP. But it’s not going to be easy, could take a very long time, and could actually be quite dangerous. What is to stop the EUSSR and its commissars from declaring even the desire to leave ‘sedition’ against the state, and arresting me or anyone who advocates it? The answer is – nothing – except perhaps public opinion. The situation is closely parallel to dissidents in the former USSR – their only real protection was western public opinion. I suppose we have to hope that those in America and the Commonwealth countries that still believe in an practise democracy will come to our aid.

Pity about the Archbishop

February 9, 2008

Actually, I think the fury aroused by the intellectual fool Rowan Williams – currently calling himself Archbishop of Canterbury- and his outrageous suggestiong that it is ‘unavoidable’ that some elements of Islamic ‘shariah’ law should be adopted in this country is quite positive, in a way. It seems to me that it has created a real sense that we have reached a turning point; people are so furious, on such a large scale, that surely it must have some effect in undermining the whole edifice of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘political correctness’ that has been disastrously destroying our culture for the last ten years and more? I mean – obviously the terribly clever people in universities and our deluded rulers will going on believing in this nonsense – they know nothing else – but surely the majority of people can now see that they are being treated with contempt, and will stop voting for these idiots or allowing themselvese to be dictated to by the tiny ‘pc’ minority? Well – I wouldn’t bet on it – people have incredibly short memories and are so corrupted by materialism they seem not to care about any values other than monetary ones, and happily consent to their own enslavement. Still – every time a storm like this blows up – and it’s happening more and more – and when the  vast majority of public opinion and the media come down on the side of common sense, it must have some effect in discrediting the current ‘orthodoxy’ that rules us, and it must surely indicate the hope of a proper conservative revolution in this country in the near future? I get the sense of a huge amount of anger and resentment, building up like water behind a dam, which will one day soon break out tumultuously and sweep away the quagmire of nonsense that has been destroying the British way of life for decades. May it come soon, because if it doesn’t I really think I’m going to have to get out, while I still can!

The Triumph of the Political Class

October 17, 2007

This is the title of a most interesting book I have recently come across, by Peter Oborne. Basically it describes the process whereby over the last 20 years or so the political, civil and judicial institutions of Britain, and in fact its whole constitution and parliamentary democracy, have ben systematically undermined by the creation of a new, professional political class who view politics as a profession which is an end in itself, rather than dedicated to the public service, and operate across party lines purely in the interests of their own power, prestige and material benefit, with complete contempt for the electorate and the democratic process. To quote ‘The crisis facing British democracy cannot be understood, let alone addressed, without a full understanding that the party system has collapsed, and been replaced by a provisional ruling elite which has become estranged from civil society’. I think many have felt something along these lines for years, specially under New Labour rule, but this book is so valuable because it gives endless, well-supported, evidence of the outrageous abuses that have become routine in British political life today, and the total complicity of all three major parties in the process. This book together with Hitchens’ The Abolition of Britain and Dalrymple’s Our Culture – What’s Left of It have been the most important factors in my recent realisation that I have completely lost faith in British democracy, and my logical conclusion that the only way that democracy, together with the sovereignty of the UK parliament, can be restored is through direct action.

I strongly recommend these books to anyone who cares about Britain and its constitution, in the hope that they may help to create a readiness in more people – specially, perhaps, people in a position to influence events, which I of course am not -for the drastic action that is going to be necessary to save this country.

August 2, 2007

Another excellent bit of comment on ‘The Religion of Peace’: