£21 million for interpreters?

September 29, 2006

Apparently the UK police bill for providing interpreters for foreign criminals has now reached £21 million per year. This is incredible. One might ask why we are allowing large numbers of people to enter this country to commit crimes here; indeed – why we are allowing 100’s of 1000’s of people to enter this country every year in a completely uncontrolled way at all? If we had a proper immigration policy and only allowed a reasonable number in (and specifically excluded any with criminal backgrounds), that 21 million could presumably be spent in arranging for new entrants to take obligatory English lessons. But no – of course – this is Britain, so we must allow ourselves to be trampled all over by anyone who wants to take advantage of our good nature and screwed for everything every foreign criminal can get – and god forbid that anyone should be so ‘racist’ as to object to this farce! Oh, and of course don’t forget providing legal aid so that liberal-left lawyers from Cherie bloody Blair downwards can arrange for these scum to claim political asylum after their criminal cases have been heard (plus more interpreters, of course!)

Have we gone completely insane as a nation or what? Sadly – I think the answer is, yes.


New Tories are a fuzzy green blur

September 20, 2006

The hilarious and pathetic new Conservative ‘logo’ just about sums up the new Cameron Tories – a sort of vague, fuzzy green blur with no discernible connection to the principles or traditions of British conservatism. We can now look forward to a choice in the next election between New Labour and its mirror image, all powered by snazzy marketing drivel and without any substance whatsover – how marvellous. I suggest anyone who wants anything resembling conservative policies joins UKIP immediately, as the Tories are now a lost cause. Our only hope is to get back control of this country and have a neo-conservative revolution, or we are finished.

I was entertained by Sir Bernard Ingham’s comments on the new logo:

“I just think they’ve gone barmy – they are worse than Blair, if that’s possible. This bears no relation to the Tories at all, and they have gone completely mad.”

Amnesty International talk sense for once

September 20, 2006

Amazingly, Amnesty International – that once-admirable organisation that has in recent years been taken over by liberal-left loonies who spend most of their time attacking the USA and Britain while ignoring appalling abuses in the developing world, have suddenly emitted a burst of remarkable common sense. They have accused Hezbollah, quite rightly, of war crimes for deliberately targeting Israeli citizens with 1000’s of rockets. This is what I said at the time, but it’s interesting to hear it echoed by such a ‘right-on’ organisation. Is it possible that some of the liberal-left are beginning to perceive that the ‘oppressed’ peoples of the Middle East and elsewhere are not in fact all angels, and are capable of being in the wrong? Don’t hold your breath.

Lest we forget

September 2, 2006

We are fast approaching the 5th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the USA. This evening there was an extraordinary documentary on TV, following one particular group of firefighters in New York on that day; by chance a film crew were making a programme about firefighting, and they were with them all day, at the World Trade Centre, in the streets, and showed everything that happened, as it it happened. It was a truly gripping and horrific piece of TV, and even all this time after and knowing everything we know now, it was shocking. The absolute enormity and scale of what happened, and its unexpectedness, are what came through. It made me feel very strongly that we should never forget the terrible crime that was committed by the terrorists on that day, and we should not allow ourselves to be distracted by the millions of words and opinions that have poured out since from realising that nothing, nothing, could justify what happened. Whatever grievances the Muslim world has, or imagines it has, against the West, they could never make an act of wanton mass murder like that right, and the apologists, the appeasers and the political opportunists who have tried to muddy the waters in the last 5 years are so incredibly misguided, and those who go along with them have terribly short memories. I hope as many people as possible – Muslims in particular – will watch this and other anniversary programmes, and realise that the free world can never submit to this kind of fanaticism, or compromise in any way with it; the war on terror is necessary, and it will go on for years until we defeat the evil, hideous, hateful mentality that drives Islamist aggression. Yes – mistakes have been made, and maybe the long-term strategy needs to be thought out more clearly – but the principle of the thing is clear; an element of the Muslim world has declared war on us, and is carrying it out by all means possible. There is only one answer, and that is to resist, and to defeat the enemy. We have the physical means to do it, but the moral will and determination is in doubt. We must not let that continue. There are many things that can be, and are being, done, in the field of military action and intelligence, but most of all we must start encouraging – enforcing, if necessary – the cultural integration of Muslims in western societies and an end to ghettoism and so-called ‘multiculturalism’; the kind of apologetic cringing and appeasement that has been going on in Britain has got to stop. When I see a Muslim peace movement, and Muslims demonstrating in the streets against the terrorism being carried out in their name, instead of in sympathy with it, then I’ll feel we’re getting somewhere. In the meantime unfortunately the whole Muslim community, including the majority who are clearly not active terrorists or terrorist supporters, but who at the same time implicitly justify the acts of such, are under suspicion. Apologising every time we take action against them is a mistake – it’s seen as weakness and an invitation to demand further special rights; if it was time to get tough after September 11th or July 7th, it’s just as much time to be tough now. When will people finally realise that we are at war, in a war not of our choosing – and you win wars not by being polite and considerate, but by being ruthless.

£900 p.a. down the drain?

September 2, 2006

According to a report by the Bruges Group, Britain’s continued membership of the E.U. costs all of us £900 pounds a year. So I am being forced to pay that sum to be in an organisation I strongly object to, was never asked if I wanted to join, and consider to be directly inimical to the sovereignty and democracy of our own elected Parliament. And there’s no-one to hold to account over this outrage. Strange world we’re living in these days. When will people come to their senses and realise we have to get out of the Euro-nightmare?