Yet more news from the EU Reich

Surely it us becoming more and more apparent to everyone that the EU is a deeply anti-democratic, totalitarian state in the making? If you have any doubts, look at this:

And the bit at the end about being prosecuted for criticising the EU is no joke. It’s only a matter of time at this rate before any criticism of or opposition to the EU will be an arrestable offence (that is if it isn’t already!)- and the new EU police set up under the Lisbon ‘constitution’ can act anywhere in the EU, regardless of local law, and with total immunity from prosecution for any actions they may decide to take. All you EUfanatics out there – are blind, deaf and dumb?!


2 Responses to Yet more news from the EU Reich

  1. Emilie says:

    EU is dangerously tyrannical. Goldman Sachs has literally taken over Europe!

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