Britons shall be slaves

With the European Arrest Warrant, “a Justice Minister in any member state. . . can have a British citizen in the UK arrested and extradited to face trial for an offence that is not a crime in British law. . . .A British
judge has no right to intervene, and the arrest can be made by a Europol officer.”
Marcus Watney,
Bruges Group »

This interesting piece of information basically sums up the horror of the EU. Or the EUSSR, as I prefer to call it. It’s the sort of thing that was the norm in the former Soviet Union and Communist bloc, in Nazi Germany and of course in places like North Korea, Cuba, etc., today. The knock on the door at daen; the disappearance into prison camps. What is so very shocking is that the majority of people in Britain are either unaware of the way their liberties have been removed, or completely complacent about it. It seems almost incredible to someone of my generation – when I was growing up such a thing would have been the stuff of science fiction; now it is a reality, and few even seem to care. Some still even insist that the EUSSR is the greatest thing that could ever happen to us and that anyone who disagrees is a raving xenophobic lunatic. The whole great deception has been managed so cunningly, and the move towards dictatorship has been so gradualist that many still don’t realise it’s happened, and they don’t want to realise.

Now that the EU ConstitutionTreaty  has been signed on our behalf and we are no longer an independent country, there are only two alternatives: 1) to give up and accept our serfdom 2) to resist and fight against it with the eventual hope of taking back our independence and democratic rights by leaving the EU. The latter is the course I want to take, which is why I am a member of UKIP. But it’s not going to be easy, could take a very long time, and could actually be quite dangerous. What is to stop the EUSSR and its commissars from declaring even the desire to leave ‘sedition’ against the state, and arresting me or anyone who advocates it? The answer is – nothing – except perhaps public opinion. The situation is closely parallel to dissidents in the former USSR – their only real protection was western public opinion. I suppose we have to hope that those in America and the Commonwealth countries that still believe in an practise democracy will come to our aid.


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