Pity about the Archbishop

Actually, I think the fury aroused by the intellectual fool Rowan Williams – currently calling himself Archbishop of Canterbury- and his outrageous suggestiong that it is ‘unavoidable’ that some elements of Islamic ‘shariah’ law should be adopted in this country is quite positive, in a way. It seems to me that it has created a real sense that we have reached a turning point; people are so furious, on such a large scale, that surely it must have some effect in undermining the whole edifice of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘political correctness’ that has been disastrously destroying our culture for the last ten years and more? I mean – obviously the terribly clever people in universities and our deluded rulers will going on believing in this nonsense – they know nothing else – but surely the majority of people can now see that they are being treated with contempt, and will stop voting for these idiots or allowing themselvese to be dictated to by the tiny ‘pc’ minority? Well – I wouldn’t bet on it – people have incredibly short memories and are so corrupted by materialism they seem not to care about any values other than monetary ones, and happily consent to their own enslavement. Still – every time a storm like this blows up – and it’s happening more and more – and when the  vast majority of public opinion and the media come down on the side of common sense, it must have some effect in discrediting the current ‘orthodoxy’ that rules us, and it must surely indicate the hope of a proper conservative revolution in this country in the near future? I get the sense of a huge amount of anger and resentment, building up like water behind a dam, which will one day soon break out tumultuously and sweep away the quagmire of nonsense that has been destroying the British way of life for decades. May it come soon, because if it doesn’t I really think I’m going to have to get out, while I still can!


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