The Triumph of the Political Class

This is the title of a most interesting book I have recently come across, by Peter Oborne. Basically it describes the process whereby over the last 20 years or so the political, civil and judicial institutions of Britain, and in fact its whole constitution and parliamentary democracy, have ben systematically undermined by the creation of a new, professional political class who view politics as a profession which is an end in itself, rather than dedicated to the public service, and operate across party lines purely in the interests of their own power, prestige and material benefit, with complete contempt for the electorate and the democratic process. To quote ‘The crisis facing British democracy cannot be understood, let alone addressed, without a full understanding that the party system has collapsed, and been replaced by a provisional ruling elite which has become estranged from civil society’. I think many have felt something along these lines for years, specially under New Labour rule, but this book is so valuable because it gives endless, well-supported, evidence of the outrageous abuses that have become routine in British political life today, and the total complicity of all three major parties in the process. This book together with Hitchens’ The Abolition of Britain and Dalrymple’s Our Culture – What’s Left of It have been the most important factors in my recent realisation that I have completely lost faith in British democracy, and my logical conclusion that the only way that democracy, together with the sovereignty of the UK parliament, can be restored is through direct action.

I strongly recommend these books to anyone who cares about Britain and its constitution, in the hope that they may help to create a readiness in more people – specially, perhaps, people in a position to influence events, which I of course am not -for the drastic action that is going to be necessary to save this country.


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