More news on Islam

Here is the latest entry – just for two days – from the excellent Just to remind everyone of what a peaceful and friendly religion Islam is, and how we can rely on ‘moderate’ Muslims to prevail over their more ‘excitable’ co-religionists.

7/18/07 ( Lamitan, Philippines ) – A Sunni missionary is dismembered by Abu Sayyaf militants on suspicion of spying.
7/18/07 ( Kizilyurt, Russia ) – Islamic separatists are suspected in the bombing of a school playground that kills four policemen.
7/18/07 ( Khost, Afghanistan ) – A suicide bomber blasts three Afghans to Allah.
7/18/07 ( Zabul, Afghanistan ) – Six Afghan police officers are murdered in a brutal ambush by religious extremists.
7/18/07 ( Miranshah, Pakistan ) – al-Qaeda backed militants ambush an army convoy with rockets, killing sixteen Pakistanis.
7/17/07 ( Khar Banda, Pakistan ) – A civilian is abducted and beheaded by the Taliban.

There is also some very interesting stuff in the ‘About Islam’ section on that site, explaining things like ‘why Muslims are allowed to lie to and deceive non-Muslims’, etc. Very interesting.


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