More wisdom from our Leader

The new PM, Mr. Brown has pre-empted the Queen’s Speech in a very rude and unconstitutional sort of way to announce some of the wonderful things he’s going to do for Britain. Two of his outstanding offerings are: (a) to force all young people to stay in school or training until the age of 18 and (b) to build even more ‘affordable housing’ in addition to the millions of new houses that have been ordained by New Labour already. If I could believe the former meant things like apprenticeships and work experience in the real world, it might be a good thing – but unfortunately, of course, it means nothing of the sort. It will just be another move of extreme idiocy, like aiming at 50% of youth going to university – an arbitrary act supposed in theory to improve opportunities, but in fact reducing them by lowering educational standards for everyone and giving them qualifications which are a complete waste of time and which no employer takes seriously. So the totally non-academic oafs who currently disrupt education for those pupils who might actually benefit will now be forced to go to further education colleges, etc, and ruin those too. What an incredibly stupid idea! Pure gesture politics, as usual – quite obviously what we should really be doing is letting the kids who aren’t interested in academic learning out of school as soon as possible, so they can do something practical and start earning a living and perhaps a bit of self-respect, leaving the brighter ones to benefit from a proper education. But that would be far too obvious for a New Labour politician, wouldn’t it.  And then the housing. Southern Britain is already disappearing under an ocean of concrete and shoddy building. We have some of the highest densities of population in the world. The answer? Build more housing, of course. Would it be too much for someone to stand up and point out that the reason we have too little housing and it is all too expensive is that there is not enough space and too many people already, and that encouraging hundreds of thousands more people to immigrate to Britain every year is making it worse! Of course, we could just go on letting people in and building more and more housing until there is no green space left. On the other hand WE COULD SIMPLY STOP MASS IMMIGRATION AND ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO LEAVE. The pressure of demand would immediately relax, house prices would go down and we wouldn’t even have to build half the extra housing already announced. We are a small country, and there is a limit to the number of people who can live here comfortably. We should aim at reducing the population, not increasing it! Oh – but of course you’re not allowed to say things like that, are you, because it’s ‘racist’. So come on, all you Iraqi terrorists, Somali gangsters, Latin American drug-smugglers and Russian mafiosi and the rest – come on over to the UK and join the merry throng. Our Prime Minister will provide housing for you all, and England’s green and pleasant land will be a complete shithole soon, like the rest of the Third World.


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