Time to discriminate

OK, I’m going to be fairly blunt here. All the suspects for the recent attempted car-bombings in Britain are foreign Muslims, recently arrived mostly from Iraq, as I understand. By a curious coincidence the man convicted of a particularly nasty murder of a young black guy in London was a recent Muslim immigrant from Somalia. These two examples alone, let alone others, seem to me to demonstrate something quite basic. By allowing the free entry of people from corrupt, brutal Islamic countries who have amply demonstrated their hatred us and their contempt for the tolerance our society is based on, we are simply importing potential or actual terrorists to attack us. Are we mad? In fact I would go further; since the Muslim ‘community’ in the UK so frequently demonstrates its lack of loyalty to this country and its desire to overthrow our democratic state and society, and since Islam, while calling itself  ‘the religion of peace’, is involved in the vast majority of violent conflicts in the world, I think it is time that we banned any further immigration at all from Muslim countries into Britain. If we don’t then we are effectively signing our own death warrant as a free society. Sorry if that’s non’PC’, but frankly I couldn’t care less. We need more discrimination, not less – we need to discriminate against people and beliefs that are a danger to our society. It’s as simple as that. If readers doubt me on this, take a look at this interesting website I found the other day:



2 Responses to Time to discriminate

  1. Paul Williams says:


    I read your piece above with alarm. It has a distinct whiff of 1930s Germany: the alien other in our midst must be excluded from ‘our’ society. As a convert to Islam (I am English) I have spoken to and listened to many Muslims in London. Without exception they are just as horrified by recent terrorist attacks on our country as anyone else. They also suffer the additional burden of the inevitable backlash, discrimination and hostility that occurs. Your sentiments add to the conflageration.

    Your hostility to Muslims and Islam is not only ill informed but would find a natural home in the National Front.

    Does England have to fight that battle all over again?



  2. lahgbr says:

    Hallo. Thanks at least for being rational in your criticism and giving a name. I find it highly ironic that Muslims, who routinely indulge in the most appalling anti-Semitism, and who were to some extent actually complicit in the Holocaust (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, pal of Hitler, the origins of the Ba’ath Party, etc?) use the parallel of 1930’s Germany when they encounter dislike and hostility from the people they are attacking and whose institutions and way of life they so openly depsise and reject. It’s so very easy, isn’t it? I am writing another post to answer your comment in detail.

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