Rot in Hell, Blair

What a strange week! I happened to be in London on Wednesday, around Westminster, and the place was like an ant-hill stirred with a stick – people scurrying around all excited simply because one obnoxious professional liar and conman had handed over the prime ministership to another professional conman and liar. The media overkill is a reminder of the completely unreal nature of modern British politics, where what things look like is more important than what they mean – if they mean anything, that is. As for the standing ovation given to Blair on his departure from the Commons – I despair! This was completely against all the traditions of the House; not even Churchill himself was given such a farewell – why in God’s name should that smarmy, self-satisfied, dishonest BASTARD Blair be given what Churchill was denied?! I’ll tell you why – because most people including politicians have no concept of what basic reality is any more; they are all living in some sort of TV soap opera; the ‘beloved’ Leader was departing, so according to the conventions of Americanised TV and films there *ought* to be a standing ovation – that’s what would happen in the movies – so that’s what they did. Even the bloody OPPOSITION did it, too! All those slimey little politico bastards, most of whom probably hate Blair and everyone else who’s more successful than themselves took part in a collective demonstration of the most gut-wrenchingly nauseating insincerity and arse-licking syncophancy, and probably felt really pleased with themselves afterwards. It’s the kind of thing that happened in Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China – have we finally sunk that low in Britain, too? All it confirms to me is the deep sickness of this country and its political and social culture; what chance is there for any sort of honesty and sincerity on politics – I will go on supporting UKIP and the independence and sovereignty of the UK and its institutions, but what real hope is there, when we have reached this level of fraudulent hypocrisy and gesture politics? Parliament has become a soap opera, and politics a PR exercise masking the arbitrary manipulation of power. As for Blair – all I can say is, I hope the rest of his life is thoroughly miserable (in the company of that ghastly witch-hag, his wife, that seems fairly likely!)  and that he eventually rots in hell for ever, if there is such a place. I will always remember him as the person under whose aegis in ten years Britain ceased to be Britain and we lost the last vestiges of our ancient constitution and freedom forever.


5 Responses to Rot in Hell, Blair

  1. Bohemian Tory says:

    I see our posts on this topic are rather stridently different. Perhaps I have been too sympathetic…

  2. lahgbr says:

    Yes, well – perhaps I was a bit over the top, and I’ve modified the post slightly, but I was so disgusted by the awful sycophantic fawning over this insignificant man, just after he had committed one final betrayal of Britain to the EU. I honestly cannot see anything positive that he and his New Labour androids have achieved in ten years – on the other hand they have destroyed so much, to the point that I don;t think British society will ever recover. I supported him on one thing – Iraq and our support of our American allies; but even there he had to justify involvement with lies and spin. The man is a complete monster, even by the standards of professional politicians in general.

  3. lahgbr says:

    P.S. Oh – yes, I suppose he did achieve something in Northern Ireland, but at a great price, by negotiating with terrorists and finally putting them, still unapologetic for their deeds, into the new N. Ireland government. This may have achieved ‘peace’, but it has also sent out the signal that terrorism ‘works’ at least with the British Government.

  4. I was simply stunned by Blair’s standing ovation in the Commons. Spotting your post today has reminded me of it. It is no easier to understand (your explanations are as good as any) several months on.

  5. Mr. Hughes says:

    I think the best explanation is contained in Peter Oborne’s excellent book, ‘The Triumph of the Political Class’. There is no hope for parliamentary democracy now in the EU province formerly known as Britain, I’m afraid. There was never much hope for it in most of Europe, to start with, and now we have completely surrendered to their way of doing things.

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