Israel and the Palestinians (again)

This week I was particularly disgusted (though not surprised) to hear about the disgraceful, racist and anti-Semitic decision of the university lecturers’ union to pursue an ‘academic boycott’ of Israeli universities. You would think that, as supposedly intelligent and educated people university lecturers of all people could see what an insult this is to the whole idea of academic freedom and that singling out the academic institutions of Israel, run not surprisingly by Jews, whilst happily supporting and nurturing those of any number of corrupt, brutal despicable dictatorships (especially Arab and Muslim ones) is blatantly and appallingly racist. But then of course many university lecturers nowadays are in fact not very intelligent or well-educated – if they were they wouldn’t be teaching in the University of Outer Scunthorpe or whatever benighted ex-poly ‘media studies’ joke of a department they do work in. They have just about the degree of ‘intelligence’ necessary to swallow the interminable anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda of The Guardian and similar media outlets and vote their union into this sort of deeply offensive, fascistic intellectual pogrom. Doesn’t it make you proud to be British! On a more positive note, I have been gratified by Hamas’ and Fatah’s recent helpful attempt to wipe each other out in the Gaza strip. If only more of this sort of enlightened behaviour amongst the glorious Palestinian ‘freedom-fighters’ could be encouraged, the whole problem might sort itself out quite efficiently. Certainly with Hamas in total control in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Islamists have made absolutely sure that the peace process pursued with such persistence by the democratic state of Israel has no hope of succeeding, and thus have condemned their pathetic supporters and the rest of the unfortunate Palestinians to years and decaded more of misery and suffering. Well done chaps!  


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