In his sinister ‘bid for power’ (even though he’s been handed it on a plate by the the retiring Dear Leader), Chancellor Brown has stated he wants to encourage a sense of ‘Britishness’. He even proposes a ‘Britain Day’ to celebrate our magnificent historical and cultural identity. That sounds like such a good idea, doesn’t it? – except that it’s decades too late. What he seems not to have noticed is that he and his vile socialist bastard ‘comrades’ have spent the last 40 years or more undermining and destroying in every possible way any coherent concept of Britishness and replacing it with the ‘pc’, ‘multicultural’ b*ll*cks that passes for an ideology in their collectively addled and self-deluding brains. If Brown ever even knew what it meant to be British, he has clearly long forgotten it, along with the rest of the socialist, ‘internationalist’ hordes. What he means by ‘Britishness’ is some sort of horrendous government-designed package of contrived, trite and utterly insincere verbal diaorrhea along the lines of ‘respecting one another and contributing to community values,’ etc etc. which will then be force-fed to every state primary school pupil by the willing socialist activists and propaganda-mongers known euphemistically as ‘teachers’. Incidentally, How to be Right has an excellent entry on Gordon Brown, which ends with the immortal statement: ‘Scottish. Looks a bit like a slug with eyebrows’.


One Response to Britishness?

  1. chicharron says:

    Fuck all you British.

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