A very enjoyable book

I’ve found this absolutely brilliant new book called How to be Right, by one James Delingpole. It’s subtitled The essential guide to making lefty liberals history, and is absolutely hilarious. As well as being a very astute and pointed expose of the endless ‘pc’, ‘multicultural’, liberal-left drivel which has come close to destroying the British way of life and normal sane ways of thinking about anything over the last ten years of appalling socialist misrule. It is essential and highly entertaining reading for anyone who cares about this country or indeed western civilisation and hasn’t been intellectually lobotomised by government and media newspeak. I am sure I shall refer to it again, but here are some wonderful random samples:

‘ACCESS: Isn’t it tragic that people from council estates hardly ever go to the opera? Isn’t it a crying scandal that museum and gallery attendance remains so stubbornly white and middle-class? Isn’t it a national disaster that only a tiny percentage of the population regularly visits the theatre?

No – it’s bloody brilliant. It means we live in a country where we’re still free to make our own cultural choices. ……rather than having them rammed down our throat by the State…..

ANTI-RACISM: Principal topic in all state primary schools

HUMAN RIGHTS: Food, shelter and warmth and – what was the other one? Oh yeah – that’s it: the right to hijack a planelod of terrified Afghans, fly to Britain and live there indefinitely at taxpayers’ expense because, hey, Afghanistan’s, full of people who hijack planes and stuff…….

LITTLE ENGLANDER: (n.) Idiot who stubbornly refuses to accept that higher taxes, greater bureaucracy, loss of national sovereignty and the introduction of wave upon wave of pointless, meddling, irritating, pettifogging regulations are just what Britain needs.

ENVIRONMENT: Principal topic in all state primary schools

ENVIRONMENTALISM: Bossy new world religion based on the self-flagellating principle that unless we make things worse for ourselves things cannot possibly get better.

RECYCLING: Principal topic in all state primary schools’

and so on. It’s a great read, and most refreshing. I am somewhat encouraged that books like this are being written, published and sold by comparatively young writers in Britain today. It indicates that all is not quite lost – perhaps there’s some hope that eventually this and other books of the same tendency can bring about a revolution in fashions of thinking and some sort of conservative renewal that could yet save us. I’m not wildly optimistic, but still, it’s nice to think there might be some hope.


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