Our new leader elect

As Gordon Brown prepares to be enthroned as our new Dear Leader, he keeps emitting verbiage that is clearly intended to make him ‘more attractive’ to the electorate and perhaps to the Labour Party. The latest bandwagon has been anti-terror legislation. He proposes to eat away at even more of (what’s left of) or civil liberties by strengthening police powers, so that we can be questioned at any time without any reason having been given, on pain of a large fine. Also he wants to extend the period terrorist suspects can be held without charge. Don’t get me wrong – I am all for the most ruthless action against terrorists. But I believe that extra powers, which can be applied in a blanket fashion, are not necessary – current powers and methods need to be applied more efficiently. The only proposal I have some sympathy with is the permitting of surveillance evidence in court; if this is genuine evidence of an offence being planned or executed then it needs to be heard. My suspicion is that Brown is much more of an old-fashioned socialist than Blair ever was, and thus his instincts are even more authoritarian – government intrusion into every aspect of everyone’s life can only be a good thing to people like him, and Britain is already well on the way to a police state. We can only look forward to more of the same under the dour, po-faced Scot who is soon to rule over us. God help us all.


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