Blair’s departure – pass the sick bag

The (long-overdue) departure of Blair as PM was along the same sick-making lines as his arrival. It was as though the nightmarish ten years during which he and his cronies have devastated the British constitution, our society, culture and reputation in the world had never happened. I remember the nauseating coverage of his ‘triumphal progress (accompanied by the evil witch-hag Cherie), and the arrival of the ‘messiah’ at Number 10. And there we were again, as he prepared to retire, still posing as some sort of gift to mankind and indulging in the most shameless display of insincere emotion and daring to witter on about Britain being ‘blessed’ – what, under him and the NuLabour shits? – you must be joking! And even weeping a little tear or two. The thing about Blair, like Hitler or Stalin and other monsters in politics, is that I think he is so lost to reality that he actually believes in his own propaganda; he genuinely sees himself as a lovable, caring saviour figure and benefactor of mankind who is misunderstood by the crowd and still suffers nobly on their behalf. In another life he would probably have been one of those loonies who start new religions with themselves as god. How often do people need to have it demonstrated that professional politicians are the last people on earth who should be allowed to do the job! They are all self-deluding, ruthless megalomaniacs. And now we are going to get another Blair in the form of Cameron. What did this country do to end up with leaders like this?


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