Saddam is no more

Saddam is no more. What a blessed thought. The world has to be a more fragrant place without the stench of his presence. And yet looking at the BBC message boards and elsewhere fills me with despair, given the reactions of so many. There are basically three sorts: (i) those who are glad (a minority, apparently) (ii) Muslims who are enraged because they admired his ‘strength’ more than they hated his evil deeds (iii) Westerners who have been so brainwashed by liberal-left ideology that they think all killing is always ‘wrong’ and that the effort to remove Saddam and give Iraqis a chance of freedom and democracy was a worse ‘crime’ than anything Saddam ever did. I find it all beyond belief. I do not delight in anyone’s execution, but if anyone deserved it, it was Saddam. How can Muslims be so completely blind and full of hate for the West as to support a monster like him? As for the pathetic, supine, gutless attitude of so many in the West – I am not even prepared to argue with them; it is the clearest evidence possible that our civilisation and culture has lost all sense of direction and values. The West will fall, and we can all look forward to a new dark age under Islamic theocracy or the ‘enlightened’ rule of the Chinese. Congratulations to the quislings of the Left – decades of undermining and destroying the fundamental values and beliefs of western democracy will soon bear fruit! And it’s a only a slight consolation to think that many of the liberal-lefties will be first in the queue for the death camps in the brave new world they will have helped to bring about. 


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