Britain – the end?

I’ve been feeling more and more worried about things that have been going on lately – the awful situation in Afghanistan and Iraq and the damage it’s doing to our armed forces, the increasingly unreal fantasies indulged in by our political leaders, of both main parties, the continuing breakdown in law and order on our streets, the ever-expanding surveillance and ideological interference of petty authority in every walk of life (but not to support law and order on the streets, of course), the increasing stridency and arrogance of the Muslim extremists, as demonstrated in the ‘veils’ row and some very nasty violent incidents in Windsor and elsewhere. I have had an increasing sense of doom about this country. Apparently, so as Peter Hitchens. I quote from his article in the Mail on Sunday on October 22nd:

Discredited, lawless, feckless, occasionally unhinged leaders divorced from reality; a crumbling constitution, perilous racial and cultural tension, crime and disorder beyond control, economic pain inevitable; the national front-door wide open for everyone to come in; every decent institution under attack; every form of bad behaviour unsrestrained. I see great danger ahead. But who, in our political class, will even address it?

Mr. Hitchens does have a very doom-laden view of the world – but I wonder if any intelligent, honest person could fail to acknowledge that all the problems he mentions here are absolutely real and genuine? I believe we are falling apart as a society, and the political leadership are unwilling to, and probably incapable of, addressing the situation. The inevitable result must eventually be serious political and social chaos and the rise of a new extremism, resulting in a severe backlash and a very unpleasant, probably totalitarian, state in Britain. Hitchens begins the article by wondering how it felt in Germany six or seven years before they voted the Nazis into power. I think it probably felt like this.

I think UKIP are the only party who are capable of, and prepared for, dealing with the situation – which is why I joined them – but I am not optimistic; I think we may be too late – not enough people by far are prepared to support UKIP, and time is running out.

My only personal problem now is whether it’s time to get out yet, and if so, where to go?


One Response to Britain – the end?

  1. IanP says:

    Here Here. well said.

    I for one cannot understand why the press are not screaming from their front pages, are they all asleep like most of our MP’s or have they been given their D notices already.

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