£21 million for interpreters?

Apparently the UK police bill for providing interpreters for foreign criminals has now reached £21 million per year. This is incredible. One might ask why we are allowing large numbers of people to enter this country to commit crimes here; indeed – why we are allowing 100’s of 1000’s of people to enter this country every year in a completely uncontrolled way at all? If we had a proper immigration policy and only allowed a reasonable number in (and specifically excluded any with criminal backgrounds), that 21 million could presumably be spent in arranging for new entrants to take obligatory English lessons. But no – of course – this is Britain, so we must allow ourselves to be trampled all over by anyone who wants to take advantage of our good nature and screwed for everything every foreign criminal can get – and god forbid that anyone should be so ‘racist’ as to object to this farce! Oh, and of course don’t forget providing legal aid so that liberal-left lawyers from Cherie bloody Blair downwards can arrange for these scum to claim political asylum after their criminal cases have been heard (plus more interpreters, of course!)

Have we gone completely insane as a nation or what? Sadly – I think the answer is, yes.


2 Responses to £21 million for interpreters?

  1. Marie says:

    Did you see this? (Click on the website link).

  2. Firehand says:

    You are confirming my fears about your country.

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