New Tories are a fuzzy green blur

The hilarious and pathetic new Conservative ‘logo’ just about sums up the new Cameron Tories – a sort of vague, fuzzy green blur with no discernible connection to the principles or traditions of British conservatism. We can now look forward to a choice in the next election between New Labour and its mirror image, all powered by snazzy marketing drivel and without any substance whatsover – how marvellous. I suggest anyone who wants anything resembling conservative policies joins UKIP immediately, as the Tories are now a lost cause. Our only hope is to get back control of this country and have a neo-conservative revolution, or we are finished.

I was entertained by Sir Bernard Ingham’s comments on the new logo:

“I just think they’ve gone barmy – they are worse than Blair, if that’s possible. This bears no relation to the Tories at all, and they have gone completely mad.”


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