Amnesty International talk sense for once

Amazingly, Amnesty International – that once-admirable organisation that has in recent years been taken over by liberal-left loonies who spend most of their time attacking the USA and Britain while ignoring appalling abuses in the developing world, have suddenly emitted a burst of remarkable common sense. They have accused Hezbollah, quite rightly, of war crimes for deliberately targeting Israeli citizens with 1000’s of rockets. This is what I said at the time, but it’s interesting to hear it echoed by such a ‘right-on’ organisation. Is it possible that some of the liberal-left are beginning to perceive that the ‘oppressed’ peoples of the Middle East and elsewhere are not in fact all angels, and are capable of being in the wrong? Don’t hold your breath.


One Response to Amnesty International talk sense for once

  1. Les Brown says:

    I think they were caught with their pants at half mast after condemning Israel for defending itself and ignoring the mastodon in the cave. There may have been some arm-twisting involved. I don’t think their myopia has much healed.

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