£900 p.a. down the drain?

According to a report by the Bruges Group, Britain’s continued membership of the E.U. costs all of us £900 pounds a year. So I am being forced to pay that sum to be in an organisation I strongly object to, was never asked if I wanted to join, and consider to be directly inimical to the sovereignty and democracy of our own elected Parliament. And there’s no-one to hold to account over this outrage. Strange world we’re living in these days. When will people come to their senses and realise we have to get out of the Euro-nightmare?


One Response to £900 p.a. down the drain?

  1. Les Brown says:

    Ahhh. And on this side of the Lake, we pour $400 million into the U.N. who hosts and toasts our enemies and fights every attempt at world decency. How did we let the feckless morons get control of the earth?

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