Goodbye, Zarqawi!

What a pleasure to hear of the destruction of the unspeakable terrorist, torturer and psychopath Al-Zarqawi – renowned for the pleasure he took in hacking innocent peoples' heads off with blunt kitchen knives. The worlld already feels like a slightlly healthier place without his presence in it. Sadly the violence in Iraq and elsewhere won't stop, but at least one of these Islamist fanatics and murderers has got his just reward. Yet, amazingly, as usual, a cry of dismay, recrimination and attempted justification of this animal in human form has gone up from the 'liberal' media and the fellow-travelling leftists who find something to admire in benighted religious fanaticism as long as it's not directed at them personally. Will we never learn? Unfortunately, I think the answer for western societies is probably, "No"; we have been too corrupted as a culture by moral, cultural, political, legal, aesthetic and every other kind of relativism to recover easily. My belief is that we are going to have to be a lot more ruthless than this to defeat the greatest threat of out times; perhaps we will learn that as the terrorist attacks get worse and worse and more and more destructive and indiscriminate. Otherwise we might as well surrender right now to an ideology that hates western democracy and everything it stand for and wishes to replace it with benighted religious tyranny. Watch this space.


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