Apocalypse Soon?

Another interesting if ominous article in the S. Telegraph, by the historian Niall Ferguson, anticipates multiple cold wars in the near future, is we allow rogue states like Iran and North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons. As he says. 'Iran is the world's biggest sponsor of terrorist organisations. It openly aspires to exploit the instability of Iraq to establish hegemony – if not a new Persian empire – in the Gulf region and beyond. If you need an illustration of the term "rogue state", look no further.' The problem is, as he points out, that with the current situation in Iraq, and the increasing hostility of public opinion in the west in general and in the US in particular towards any further military action, …the West – what's left of it – seems paralysed, watching Ahmadinejad with the same appalled fascination that a large and docile cow might regard a rearing cobra'. There are not the ravings of some crazed 'right-wing' fanatic – they are the considered thoughts of a respected and knowledgeable historian. Yet so many people want to go on sticking their heads in the sand. Ferguson claims that parallels with the 1930's are overtaxed, but that actually in this case the parallel is appropriate. He also points out, alarmingly, that Ahmadinejad …'is a devotee of the Hidden Twelfth Imam, who Shi'ites believe will return to earth as the Mahdi (Messiah) for a final decisive showdown with the Forces of Evil…..To a millenarian, mutually assured destruction is just another word for the long-awaited Apocalypse. And that, in essence, is why we don't want Iran to have the Bomb. But are we doomed to grasp this only when the mushroom clouds are rising over Tel Aviv and Teheran?'

Yes, is what I am inclined to answer, while the liberal 'intelligentsia' and media of the west continue to deny reality and undermine attempts to pre-empt the great disaster of our times.


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