‘Not very nice’ people

Another excellent quote from Douglas Murray's Neoconservatism – why we need it :

'As anyone walking through a town centre today can testify, a large proportion of the people our education systems are producing are not very nice.'

'The education system in Britain has, for a generation, cultivated the nurturing of (self-)esteem over the nurturing of knowledge and expertise'.

….'to elevate the the pedestrian and encourage the base.. is not just to do a disservice to a generation: it is to abandon them, from the beginning of their lives, to thwarted existences of bafflement, ignorance and rage.'

It's almost uncanny how it captures exactly the feelings I have when I am forced to go shopping in central Oxford – let alone London! We have created a nation of thugs and slobs, largely by destroying our education system and lowering every possible standard under the deluded principle of 'inclusion'. And now we have to live with the consequences.


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