Why people are turning to the BNP

I will say right away that I would not and will not ever vote for the BNP, as their whole philosophy is clearly based on crude racism. The distinction they make between 'race' and 'culture' is a true one, but tehy are insincere when they make it. However, I can't help feeling a small degree of satisfaction at the the dismay of New 'Labour' and other mainstream parties at the way that white working-class voters are turning to the extremists. It is a real challenge to the smugness, self-delusion and 'pc' head-in-the-sand attitude of the rulers of this country in arrogantly ignoring the real concerns of a large proportion of the population. A wake-up call, indeed. I will quote from Migration Watch UK, on the results of a representative poll of 2000 British citizens issued on April 23rd:

'The public have comprehensively rejected the Government’s ‘no limits’ immigration policy and instead have called for an annual limit on numbers.

By 76% to 10% they strongly agreed (50%), or agreed (26%), there must be an annual limit to the number of immigrants allowed to come to Britain (only 4% strongly disagreeing), in a survey out today for think tank Migrationwatch. (View Survey)*

And in the same survey, only 10% said that the Government was listening to their opinion on an issue which the public ranks second only to crime as the most important issue facing Britain today. '

Any further explanation needed? So how can we solve this dire problem which we have created in Britain? Here is what Migration Watch UK suggest:

'What should be done?

We should be clear about the facts, frank about the problems, and constructive about the solutions.

A major step must be to limit the scale and pace of further immigration as clearly implied by the Government’s own cohesion panel. They reported that "the pace of change (for a variety of reasons) is simply too great in some areas at present". An annual limit is essential to restore public confidence in the system.

The introduction of such a limit would be a considerable task and would take some years to be made effective.

The ideal would be to achieve a position where the numbers of people entering Britain was similar to the number emigrating.

Thereafter we should encourage more explicit nation building so as to integrate the minorities we have. This should involve language teaching, skills training and assistance in finding employment.'

Which of the mainstream political parties is advocating this eminently sensible approach? Answer: none. BNP support will continue to rise until politicians come to their senses and start listening to people.


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