‘Mugged by reality’

'A neo-conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality'

– a quote from Irving Kristol, one of the early academic exponents of neoconservativism in America. This is perfect, succinct and witty description of a state of mind which I now realise is exactly mine. Nearly all of us of my generation in our youth were enamoured of the whole liberal-left, utopian, 'revolution' thing – we were all going to form communes and everything would be simply lovely – boy, have we been 'mugged by reality' since then! I have been reading the Douglas Murray book further, and have decided I simply have to define myself as a neoconservative, however pejorative that term may be on some people's lips, because that is the view of the world that corresponds currently with mine. We must get away from the curse of relativism – cultural, moral, aesthetic and otherwise – which is at the core of the rotten-ness, cynicism and defeatism of western society. If not, we are finished – we will lapse terminally into a cess-pit of drink, drugs, thuggery and philistinism under a dysfunctional but vicious 'pc' socialist police state, after which we can look forward finally to enforced Islamicisation and/or slavery under 'sharia' law, and religious tyranny – the latter is clearly is the only dynamic, totally self-confident and ruthless force in the world today, if the west doesn't re-discover both the importance and vulnerability of liberal democracy and start standing up for it and its true values with all its might. I am not hopeful, but at least we can clarify the issues and try to sound a warning to people to wake up before it's too late.


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