One brave Muslim writer

Afshin Ellian is an expatriate Iranian who fled persecution by the Islamofascists there, and is now one of the few Muslim writers(Irshad Manji is another) prepared to speak out about the oppressiveness of mainstream Islam and its desperate need for some kind of 'reformation' or 'enlightenment' to come to terms with the modern world. He has been extremely critical of the voilent reaction to the Danish cartoons and also of the Dutch government equivocal response to the 'religious' murder of Theo van Gogh. In one article on the Social Affairs Unit website he draws attention to a clause in the modern German constitution which offers a very effective way of dealing with religious and political extremists and terrorists:

'He who abuses freedom of expression, specifically freedom of press, freedom of education, freedom of gathering, privacy of correspondence, freedom to property, and rights to asylum, against the free democratic legal order, will lose the said basic rights.(…)

This rule is applied against any type of attempt to overthrow the democratic legal order, whether it is by the extreme left, the extreme right, or Muslims. It has to do with the experiences of the Weimar Republic and the Nazi era. And it is, according to the Bundesverfassungsgericht, an expression of streitbaren Demokratie und Selbsverteidigung [self-defense of democracy]. In any case this is not a means of state-tyranny but precisely the means of the self-defense mechanism of the German post-war democracy.'

So why do we not introduce such a law in the UK? Instead of appeasing extremists and falling over backwards not to offend them, why do we not give them the choice between supporting the values and laws of the country they have chosen to live in, or leaving? If the Germans can do it, so can we.


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