Britons shall be slaves

Theodore Dalrymple is another of the stimulating contributors to the SAU website. He's particularly good on the New Labour regime's latest fascist ban on smoking. Referring to an editorial in, I think, The Lancet, he says:

Perhaps the most alarming thing about the editorial is that it does not see that there is any question of liberty involved at all. It is not as if there is anyone who is ignorant of the dangers of smoking: in more than thirty years since I qualified as a doctor, I have never met anyone in Britain to whom the dangers of smoking came as a surprise. No one smokes in ignorance. Only if you regard a considerable proportion of the population as natural slaves in need of protection from themselves – therefore, who do things only because they cannot do otherwise – can you justify a total ban…

With the downfall of the Soviet Union, I thought we might see the end of the ideological mode of thought, and regain some kind of subtlety. Instead, we seem now to live in cacophonous world of insistent and intolerant monomanias.

Hear, hear!


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