The Tyranny of the Majority

I sometimes wonder whether I should read newspapers any more – it seems as though every time I open one I come across things that really depress me. Today I was looking at The Independent in the Kings Arms, and I was struck by an article by Dominic Lawson. I am not a particular admirer of this gentleman – apart from anything else one cannot help but suspect he owes his current relatively prominent cultural position less to any intrinsic talents than to the fact that his father was once Chancellor of the Exchequer. But his description of the incredibly abusive emails and letters he has received as a (God forbid!) conservative commentator in what is perceived as a 'progressive' newspaper was quite shocking. Like the one which described him as a 'fat ugly cunt', 'a delusional crypto-fascist' who had been 'raped by your housemaster' at prep school and should 'fuck off back to the 1950's'! This, because he had ventured to criticise the behaviour and bad language of professional footballers. You see, he had blasphemed against the great lowest-common-denominator religion of the masses, football. He gave some other examples of abuse provoked by his challenging commonly accepted modern assumptions, like the idea that carbon emissions are causing an environmental catastrophe, or that early release from prison of murderers and psychopaths is a thoroughly good thing, etc. The point he made that is so depressing is that nowadays we live in a society where increasingly, if you question assumptions and opinions held by the majority, you are not just wrong and misguided, but you are somehow sick, evil and some kind of freak who probably deserves a good kicking, at the very least. This is the achievement of all New Labour's noble struggles for social equality and 'inclusion'; we now have a society where the lowest common denominator is so much taken for granted that anyone who diverges from it is in danger of extreme abuse and attack. It's the vicious and thuggish triumph of the doctrine of 'empowerment' of the masses and the politics of envy and class division; and of course the New 'Labour' horrors who have brought all this about are oblivious to the real consequences of their actions, as they live in their own rarified 'meritocratic' ritzy other world, insulated from the vileness of the society they have created.


2 Responses to The Tyranny of the Majority

  1. Bernard says:

    I suspect you mean Dominic Lawson, son of Nigel Lawson. Mark Lawson is a Radio 4/BBC2 presenter and Guardian journalist; there is no reason to suspect he owes his success to anything except his own endeavours and he probably wouldn’t appreciate you saying otherwise.

  2. lahgbr says:

    Oh dear! Silly me – of course it was Dominic Lawson, and I have now corrected that. Thanks for pointing that out, Bernard.

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