The Slow Death of Liberty

Another depressing little bit in the paper the other day. Apparently Britain now has the largest DNA data base of any country in the world. And the police are able to, and routinely do now, take DNA samples of any person they arrest and charge, these go on to the national database permanently – quite regardless of whether the person is found guilty of an offence or not! And they remain there, apparently, forever. So much for Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and centuries of struggle to establish the basic freedoms we used to hold so dear. Just a few years of Blair's crypto-fascist 'New Labour' government, and they are all swiftly being demolished. Combined with the catch-all terrorism legislation, the laws banning free speech in the name of 'racial and religious harmony', the total surrender to the EU dictatorship and the coming ID cards with their 'biometric' information and heaven knows what more, it seems rather laughable to consider ourselves in any way 'free' at all, any more. Yet so many people seem totally unconcerned, or even lecture you on 'not living in the past', and 'moving with the times' – and of course we all know, because the government keeps telling us, we've never had a more marvellously 'inclusive' and prosperous society!


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