I do worry sometimes that so much of what I write on here is so negative. I suppose if I was busier and had a more fulfilling life I wouldn't have so much time to brood on tjhe awfulness of things. I am not fundamentally a negative person – I would love to spend more time celebrating the beauty and wonder of existence. Its just I find myself constantly confronted, or affronted, by things that upset and offend me about modern life, and even though I try to avoid such things, I find I can't, as they are becoming more and more pervasive, at least here in Britain. So I feel I have to express myself about them; and also, I feel it's important someone about them – there is this contemporary attitude that it is somehow 'bad manners' to be talk about nasty depressing things, or even perhaps to have strong opinions about anything at all. Which means we are in a culture of accepting everything more and more passively and assuming that however things may be now is the way they must and should be. I detest this notion. However, I shall attempt to find a few more positive things to mention, like perhaps our wonderful Queen's 80th birthday. 


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