Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

I am slightly anticipating things, but there was an excellent TV programme last night on BBC1 celebrating the Queen’s 80 years, and I just have to say how delightful I found it, and how inspiring I find her 50-plus years of service to the nation and the Commonwealth. It is really heartening that amidst the chaos, decrepitude and degeneracy of modern life, there is this one great symbol of constancy and duty to look up, and to make us feel that there is still something to be admired about this once great country of ours. Everyone interviewed in the programme, even people like Ozzie Osborne, were great admirers and appreciators of Her Majesty – even Blair almost talked sense on the subject for once, and actually seemed to mean it! I shall finish with the great acclamation that rang out so memorably at the Coronation: God Save the Queen! Long live the Queen! May the Queen live Forever!


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