‘Terror and Liberalism’

I've discovered a very interesting (and readable) book recently called Terror and Liberalism, by one Paul Berman. I keep saying I've given up trying to understand what the hell is going on in the world any more, but I suppose the habit of reading books and trying to understand is just too strong. Anway, this one is particularly lucid, and an interesting perspective on the post-September 11th world. Berman is basically an American from a 'left' background who has the temerity to think that the war on terror is actually a worthwhile and meaningful project, rather than the evil fanstasy of 'right-wing' loonies and neo-imperialists. He sees the overthrow of Saddam and the fight against Islamism, qiote rightly in my opinion, as part of the long struggle that has been going on for over a century between liberal democracy and totalitarianism. It's a refreshing and well-informed read, and makes it all the more difficult to understand why the Tony Benns, George Galloways of this world and whoever their American equivalents are can be quite so purblind on this issue – to the point of actually supporting evil mass murderers and dictators and apologising for religious fanatics and terrorists whose one wish is to destroy any concept of liberalism and democracy forever.


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