It’s not just me, then?

Here's a letter that was in the paper the other day:

'As a student of the English language in Warsaw I occasionally travel to England (mainly London) to visit tourist attractions and improve my English. I have been visiting England for more than 15 years. In that time I have noticed some astonishing changes, not least the deterioration in the quality of service and lack of basic manners.

What at first seemed a country at ease with itself is now a rag-bag of hooded youths, beer-swilling louts, muggers and illegal immigrants.

What has happened? Is it not clear that during these past few years the stewardship of the United Kingdom has been usurped by a man unsuitable for governance and the title of 'Premier'? I lay the blame firmly at the door of Tony Blair and hope that at the next possible opportunity the public remove Mr. Blair and his bunch of cronies.

Hektor Hemulec, Warsaw.

There are a lot of people around the world who really like and respect what they see as the best qualities of Britain, and they can see that something has gone seriously wrong with this country. Whereas so many people living here are either oblivious, in denial, or couldn't care less as they are part of the yob culture themselves, or protected by money and privilege. And they were stupid enough to vote back into power the Blair government, which has presided over the greatest decline in standards in every area of life in our history. It's enough to make me weep with frustration – specially as I see no prospects of any improvement in the foreseeable future. Our society is crumbling under the onslaught of lowest-common-denominator populism, uncontrolled mass immigration and 'multiculturalism', and apparently nobody is going to do anything about it.


2 Responses to It’s not just me, then?

  1. james says:

    Here’s an idea: what about a Europe-wide organisation of like-minded people whose objectives are to fight bureaucracy and authoritarianism (i.e. the EU) and promote morality and values, national pride, and each country’s distinct culture and heritage, rejecting multi-culturalism and promoting full integration within each state, and the maintainence of national borders and sovereign rights?

  2. lahgbr says:

    Well – it’s a nice idea – but who is actually going to do it and who would support such an organisation? It would immediately be savaged by the media as ‘racist’, ‘nationalistic’, ‘backward-looking’, ‘right-wing’, etc. The UKIP is promoting some such values, but despite representing the feelings of a large proportion of the Britsh people they are still represented as raving ‘right-wing’ loonies by most of the British media. I fear that Britain’s intellectual, academic and ‘chattering’ classes have been terminally corrupted by left-wing rubbish; the rest of the populace are too ignorant to understand or care what’s happening. Is it all hopeless, I wonder?

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