Contempt for David Cameron

I was really angry when I heard David Cameron’s latest pronouncement, on the UK Independence Party. So fighting to regain Britain’s sovereignty from the grotesque EU hegemony is ‘loony’, is it? And speaking out against the massive, uncontrolled tide of immigration which is swamping this country and its culture is ‘racist’? Well – in that case Cameron is a a disgrace to the name of the Conservative Party, which should be speaking out about these issues, and he should never have been elected leader in the first place. I had my doubts about him from the start, but now I have realised he is exactly the same kind of opportunist, careerist creep as Blair, and he is proceeding to do the same thing to the Conservative party as Blair did to Labour. At least Blair’s Stalinist purge of his party had the virtue of originality (in Britain, anyway) – but Cameron’s attempt to grab power at any cost by becoming a clone of Blair and betraying everything the Tories are supposed to stand for is despicable. I was a Labour voter until Blair took over and betrayed that party; I stopped voting Labour from that moment. I shall certainly not vote Tory again while Cameron is leader. I shall vote UKIP, as they are the only respectable party that stands for what I believe in – in fact I will probably join UKIP, thanks to Cameron. I hope very much that a lot of other people who care about this country will do the same thing, and his obnoxious ploy to ‘gain the centre ground’ blows up in his face. If the ‘centre ground’ means more of the crap that Blair has inflicted on us, then God help what’s left of this country, because its leaders obviously won’t.


2 Responses to Contempt for David Cameron

  1. james says:

    I heard him make the comment, which I thought was a pretty arrogant and stupidly flippant thing to say. The sad thing is that I’m not sure the British public as a whole are able to see what we see. As horrendous idea as it sounds, is it time to give up the fight? To abandon Britain to Eurabia and the new Muslim ascendency and escape to the Empire?

  2. lahgbr says:

    The British public as a whole are (a) highly uninformed and largely apathetic and (b) ignored by the ‘liberal-left’ ruling class, anyway. As long as they have their TV and football and feel reasonably well-off they can be controlled. You may be right about giving up on Britain, but the trouble is I feel a bit too old to emigrate at this stage, and I don’t know if I could bear exile.

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