69% say that Britain is overcrowded

A very interesting survey has just been conducted in which 69% questioned said that Britain is already overcrowded, 73% said we are increasingly racially segregated, 69% said that the country is losing its cultural identity, 59% said immigration worries them and their friends and just 10% think the government listens to their concerns. Sort of says it all, really! These are all things I've been arguing for years now, and every time there's a survey it turns out a vast majority agree with me. And yet somehow the 'official' vision of 'multicultural' harmony and open borders to all who wish to come continues to prevail, and nothing but an occasional blast of hot air and some bogus statistics emanates from the authorities. Interestingly, in another recent survey some 60% of British Asians also think there are too many immigrants entering the country. Which proves it is not a 'racial' thing, whatever the liberal-left may say. Some people might think, reading this blog, that I am a bit obsessed with this subject.Perhaps I am. But I honestly believe that chaotic uncontrolled mass immigration and a complete lack of integration, as seen under 9 years of Blair, is the biggest threat to this country (apart from the betrayal of our sovereignty to the EU) since the Second World War. Even in Oxford now you can see the consequences, and places like London, Birmingham, etc. are ridiculous. We simply cannot go on letting perhaps as many as 500,000 people enter the UK per year indefinitely unless we want to tear our society apart. Racial and religious tensions are increasing, not decreasing, our health, housing, education and other services are simply crumbling under the onslaught, and millions of new houses are going to be built on what's left of our green and pleasant land in the near future to accomodate all these uninvited newcomers. Why? What we need is a limited, controlled immigration programme, the deportation of illegal immigrants already here, and a vigorous programme of cultural and social integration for all new arrivals. Then we might, just might start to repair the damage. But who is proposing such a programme? None of the main political parties, that's for sure. The only reputable organisation arguing this way at the moment is the excellent Migration Watch UK, and I strongly recommend their website if you want to know the truth about the disaster that has been happening for years now: http://www.migrationwatchuk.org


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