Spring in Binsey

Also on Tuesday I went for walk up to Binsey and back along the river. As usual I was depressed by the appalling noise pollution, but Binsey Chapel and St. Margaret's Well are rather a remarkable survival. I always try to remind myself that as they have been there about 1200 years or more, they are lilkely still to be there when the horrid motorway and its noise are gone for ever. Unfortunately I shan't live to see it. Someone had left bunches of daffodils down inside the coping of the holy well, plus some other strange objects which I think were crystals or something. Like an idiot I left my camera behind again, which is a pity as there were some very nice goats just next to the churchyard, and I noticed for the first time the gravestone of one of Laurens van der Post's sons, Jan, which was curious. I am a complete sucker for the joys of spring, and though today it was extemely wild and windy, there was quite a lot of sun and it wasn't really cold at all. With the sudden change in the weather all the flowers that have been held back by the freezing temperatures have suddenly burst out – crocuses, daffodils and even some primroses, all together. One way back down the lane from Binsy I came across a field full of sheep with very young lambs – they were ridiculously woolly and appealing, like soft toys; there were two coal-black ones. 'For all this, nature is never spent'.


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