African encampment?

On Tuesday while going upriver to Osney I noticed on my left, in an odd little bit of land just before the industrial estate, and encampment of tents, which appeared to be inhabited by Africans. I can only presume they were illegal immigrants camping rough. The conditions must be absolutely horrendous – even though it's warmed up, of course it's now raining a lot. This sort of scene is going to occur more and more often in future in this country, as the endless hordes of unfortunate deluded persons continue to flood in, expecting heaven knows what and ending up in squalor and misery. There was a depressing programme last night on TV about just this sort of thing – so many Africans and other third world migrants are being smuggled into the country and ending up on the streets or working in slave conditions for ruthless 'ethnic minority' bosses. I didn't watch that much of it, as its message was the usual 'lefty-liberal' media one that 'perhaps we should relax our tough border controls' etc, etc. Well – no – actually, that's not what we should do. Our border controls are virtually non-existent as it is. What we need is to introduce real border controls and apply them, like the Australians have – it's only when the message gets out to the third word that Britain is no longer a soft touch that the tide of humanity will abate. By all means let's do everything we can to assist developing countries to help themselves, but the last thing we need is to import huge numbers of desperate people to create third world conditions here, too. Unfortunately, though, that is exactly what is happening, and common sense arguments will get nowhere with the people currently running the country – they don't know what common sense is!


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