‘Political correctness’

(The most meaningless concept of our time)

I have made it my business of late always to use this term in actual or metaphorical inverted commas, and point out to anyone who’s prepared to listen that there is in fact no such thing as ‘political correctness’. It is a bogus concept that has somehow established a hold over the minds of many of those these days, and is causing enormous damage to our system of values – not to mention to our common sense. I noticed the other day a review by Richard Dawkins (of a very interesting book called The Red Queen, on sex and human nature) in which he referred amusingly to ‘the yawn-inducing canons of political correctness’. To my mind they are not only ’yawn-inducing’, but an affront to our intelligence, and worst of all, the most insidious form of political censorship so far devised. ‘Political correctness’ is insidious because it manages to induce people to censor themselves; even the worst excesses of Soviet, Nazi and other police states never managed that.


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