Why ‘multiculturalism’ has failed

There was a typically fatuous bit on the BBC webpage the other day – along the usual lines of how lovely everything is in our ‘vibrant multicultural society’: ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3600791.stm ) I sometimes wonder where some of these people live, and whether they ever venture out onto the streets to experience the real world – their descriptions of what is going on seem so far from my own experiences and the things you read about every day in the papers. The only one with anything remotely sensible to say on the subject was the Conservative lady, and even she was being rather circumspect. The essential problem with this whole silly ‘multiculturalism’ fad is that it is based on the concept of cultural relativism – which in my opinion is flawed to start with. All cultures may be deemed to be ‘equal’ in the sense that no-one has an absolute right to say that ‘their’ culture is ‘superior’ to others (though I can think of some that do – and they’re not in the western world). But this does not mean that all cultures are equally ‘valid’ or worthy of respect. There are practices in some cultures that are in direct conflict with the values of others – no-one is going to tell me that human sacrifice, as still practised in some African religions, or slavery, still operating in some parts of North Africa and the Arab world, are ‘valid’, worthy of respect, or acceptable according to the culture I belong to, which is that of western liberal democracy. And I am not prepared to apologise for my culture, whatever its relative flaws.) Yet examples of these sorts of practices – and many others that are easy to think of – are occurring right now in Britain and other western countries, because the authorities are hamstrung by the ridiculous tenets of ‘multiculturalism’ and terrified of being accused of ‘racism’ if they criticise behaviour which is objectionable and obscene to the majority of people. I read not long ago that the police estimate that some hundreds of African children have disappeared in London in recent years, suspected of being the victims of pagan religious rites. This should be a scandal of epic proportions, but of course it is being suppressed in the cause of ‘racial harmony’. There are now apparently an average of 12 ‘honour killings’ – ie., murders of Muslim women by their own families – per year in the UK. Obviously the perpetrators of these crimes consider that they are doing something condoned by ‘their’ culture – the problem being that ‘their’ culture’ has little or nothing to do with the culture of the society they currently live in in Britain. And such abuses emanate from European cultures, too – like the sex slave trade currently prospering in London and elsewhere in the hand of East European gangs. Whatever the well-meaning idealism which may lie behind the thinking of the exponents of ‘multiculturalism’, in practice what it umistakably means is ghettoisation, apartheid and the destruction of our society and its values. We must not allow ourselves to be duped and misled by silly, fashionable jargon. We should start sticking up for our culture, first – minority cultures deserve a degree of tolerance, but they need to adapt to the mainstream, majority culture, and not the other way round.

The suspension of Dr Frank Ellis by Leeds University for his views on relative IQ’s of different racial groups ( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/4838498.stm ) is very worrying, and yet another sign of the state this country is in nowadays. Is it really necessary to explain that however objectionable you may find someone’s views, that does not justify trying to forcibly gag them? Well -yes – apparently in Blair’s brave new Britain it is necessary. Oh – and apparently under some race relations act or other universities are legally obliged to ‘promote racial harmony’ (whatever that means); if it means suppressing freedom of speech and academic opinion, then it has to be a thoroughly bad thing. Personally I believe in the American principle of complete

freedom of expression – once you start letting politicians decide what may or may not be said, as opposed to done, you are well on the road to totalitarianism (see my section on Sleepwalking towards Fascism). But Britain is fast becoming a society based on institutionalised untruth. Sad, isn’t it?


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