Sleepwalking towards Fascism

(The Blair regime and what it is doing to our constitution)

I should here point out that I regard all professional politicians essentially as vile, egotistical megalomaniacs – an apparently unavoidable evil that has to be controlled as best as possible. And the best political system is one that limits the power of politicians as far as possible and makes them accountable. Like a constitutional monarchy. Having said that, I have to state that the Blair Government and New ‘Labour’ seem to me to have plumbed new depths in total power-mad ruthlessness, lack of conscience, self-righteousness, corruption and hubris.

March 22nd 2006

On a day when six ‘British’ Muslims are on trial for plotting terrorist attacks within the UK and boasting of their links with Al-Qaeda, the D. Express reports that Blair has advised his ministers not to use the term ‘Islamist extremists’ in case it offends Muslims. So even though Islam appears to be being hijacked by precisely such extremists, we mustn‘t say so? What are we supposed to call these people? They are Muslims, and they are certainly extreme. If we are not even allowed to talk about the enemies who wish to destroy us, how in earth are we ever going to begin to defeat them? But it’s all part of the wonderful ‘through-the-looking-glass’ world of Blair and New ‘Labour’. They only see what they want to see – and nobody is allowed to disagree with them.

Meanwhile the ‘loans for lordships’ scandal rumbles on. To everyone but Blair and

his regime it is grotesquely obvious that New ‘Labour’ has been using peerages to entice funding for its activities, in the usual grossly corrupt abuse of power that is now a way of life to them after about 9 years in power. For once I find myself in agreement with an SNP member, Angus MacNeil – “The sale of peerages is an illegal act. Blair must release all relevant papers and information to the police investigation”. Like heck, he will.


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