Kilvert Diaries

Still reading the Kilvert Diaries:

‘I love to wander on these gentle mournful autumn days, alone among the quiet peaceful solitary meadows, tracing out the ancient footpaths and mossy overgrown stiles between farm and hamlet, village and town, musing of the many feet that have trodden these ancient and now well-nigh deserted and almost forgotten ways and walking in the footsteps of the generations that have gone before and passed away’

‘I went into Bowood Park by Studley Stanley and Studley Gate and turned sharp to the left down a drive that brought me soon into the very heart and splendour of the beeches. As the sun shone through the roof of beech boughs overhead the very air seemed gold and scarlet and green and crimson in the deep places of the wood and the red leaves shone brilliant standing out against the splendid blue of the sky.'

I still sometimes feel like this – though of course the English countryside has lost a lot of the peace and timelessness of Kilvert’s day. Still – it’s nice to re-discover and kindred spirit.


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